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Authentic Models Transparent Spad

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Antique model of French Spad WWI aircraft.

Soar into the timeless style stakes with the Authentic Models Transparent Spad.

Sought after by collectors and aviator enthusiasts alike, this legendary model plane is a fine talking point for the heart of your interior space.

Developed in France by Societe Pour Laciation et ses Derives (SPAD), it was celebrated for its speed and manoeuvrability, attributes which made it one of most important contributing fighter crafts of WWI.

Meticulously developed from wood by skilled artisans, it features a lightweight wooden frame with stretched transparent wings and laminated wood propellers.

Charming spoke wheels with authentic rubber tires and metal hardware complete the look, creating an intriguing and captivating focal point for all to admire.

Artisan crafted with meticulous care by skilled craftsmen, each item is unique and slight variations in appearance are to be expected and celebrated as no two items are exactly alike.

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