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Authentic Models Insert Box 5 Sunken 3 Black

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Insert Box 5 Sunken 3 Black

The original Handbook for Travelers in India, Burma and Ceylon, carries extensive instructions for the minimum amount of items needed for and extensive voyage in the tropics. Boxes, Trunks and Chests were packed and hauled on exploration, hunting, or military expeditions that traversed mountains and deserts. All this had to be packed and unpacked every single day. The design and manufacture of furniture fitting all these conditions and ways of travel was both and art and a sience. In the rich tradition of traditional furniture makers who supplied furniture to all corners of the globe, Authentic Models has developed and Endless Regency Collection that can be combined with different inserts and create endless possibilities to mix and match.

Dimensions: L: 34 x W: 34 x H: 36 cm

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