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Authentic Models Backgammon Tray

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Backgammon inspired wooden tray with brass detailing.

Taking inspiration from the antique board games and pastimes of years gone by, the Backgammon Tray designed by Authentic Models is historically influenced and is still relevant in interior schemes today.

Characterised by beautiful brass detailing its robust surface is decorated with bright red and vibrant yellow markings and is finished in a solid dark wood.

Believed to have originated at around 3,000 B.C, backgammon is even older than Chess. Archaeological digs have discovered that Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans and Persians all enjoyed playing the game using stones as markers and a dice made from clay and ceramics, making the theme of this tray a real part of history.

Inspired by this ancient game, the Authentic Models Backgammon tray has both spirit and style combined.

Artisan crafted with meticulous care by skilled craftsmen, each tray is unique and slight variations in appearance are to be expected and celebrated as no two items are exactly alike.

Vintage is on-trend and the charming Backgammon Tray will add a timeless stylish edge to your interior for years to come.

Please note this is a practical tray and backgammon checkers are not included.

Dimensions: W:38cm x D:38cm x H:5cm