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Eichholtz Remington Dining Table in Washed Oak Ven, 100 Cm

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Dining Table Remington 100 Cm Washed Oak Ven The washed oak veneer Remington Dining Table is the ideal furniture piece for hosting a high tea or dinner party or entertaining family and friends. RETRO DESIGN WITH VINTAGE VENEER LOOK Reminiscent of Danish design furniture from the 1950s, the Eichholtz Washed Oak Veneer series grants your home interior a genuine retro look and feel. Combine with vintage style designs from the Eichholtz collection for a complete and harmonious furniture arrangement. POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL WITH CLEAR GLASS The Eichholtz Washed Oak Veneer series combines brushed brass with washed oak veneer. Subtle contrasting white grains light up the veneer.

Dimensions:L: 230 x W: 100 x H: 75 cm

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